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Fight Back Against Hurricane Harvey with The Slants and Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk!

Can cops bust up your dog-dicing game in your home? Is that even a real thing?? Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk answers these questions when he runs into dance rock band The Slants, who recently won a landmark case against the Trademark Office at the U.S Supreme Court. Together, The Slants and Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk are fighting for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you want to help, download their song "Fight Back" from iTunes or Amazon . 100% of proceeds will benefit locally-based organizations leading the effort. ABOUT THE SLANTS The Slants' bombastic live show and hook-filled music is not to be missed. The international touring sensation has been seen and heard on Conan O'Brien, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, TIME Magazine, and TV/Radio in 85 countries worldwide. Known as the world's first and only all-Asian American dance rock band, the group also made headlines with their trademark battle with the U.S government, showing punk rock swagger with a keen sense of justice. For more information, visit: ABOUT BRYAN WILSON, TEXAS LAW HAWK Find him on Facebook here: Or on Twitter: Subscribe to see future commercials and find the older ones here: