Talons of Justice

      "STATE OF TEXAS v. FB"

      Getting arrested was the scariest, most embarrassing event of my life. The cops barged into my house to try and collect evidence, towed two of our vehicles, and held my cell phone as evidence. I called Bryan Wilson as soon as I could. Not only did he get both of our vehicles and my phone back, but he also beat the license suspension hearing, got me a Not Guilty on the DWI, and gave me an opportunity to get everything dismissed so I can move on with my life. Arrest: DWI and Fleeing Scene of Accident; Results: Not Guilty on DWI with Deferred Dismissal on Obstruction of Highway

      "STATE OF TEXAS v. JD"

      When I was arrested, my career and livelihood were at stake. I heard about Bryan Wilson through another one of his clients, and I’m glad I went with him. I wanted to just plead guilty to DWI to get it over with, but he convinced me to fight my case. He got my felony charge dropped, preserved my driver’s license, and got me a Not Guilty on the DWI. He fought back from the start just like he said he would. Go with Bryan if you want a lawyer who takes his cases seriously and fights back. Arrest: DWI and Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance; Results: Not Guilty on DWI; No Billed on Felony Possession of Controlled Substance; Deferred Dismissal on Reckless Driving


      I’m in the military, so I had to have all these charges dismissed or I would lose my career. I hired Bryan because he listened to me and believed me when I told him what actually happened. He knew how important it was for me to fight these charges and win without pleading guilty. Hire someone else if you just want to plead guilty, but hire Bryan Wilson if you want to fight your case! Arrest: Assault Bodily Injury of Family Member; Terroristic Threats; Interference with 911 Call Results: All Charges Dismissed


      When I needed someone to fight for my innocence, Bryan went above and beyond my expectations!! He is extremely dedicated to his clients and will do everything he can to get you the best possible outcome! He was always available to answer the many questions I had throughout the process. HIGHLY recommend him to get you through your case!! Arrest: Assault Bodily Injury of Family Member Results: Case Dismissed


      Bryan Wilson was available to talk about my case not more than 24 hours after my arrest. He is articulate in his knowledge, approachable in his character, and steady in his execution of his duties as an attorney. His commercials show his humor, but the full display of this man exercising his talent and his passion is never better demonstrated than when he is in a court room defending his client. Indeed, I would say that I have, as of yet, never seen a professional with such omniscient mastery over his or her craft as I had witnessed during my case. When Bryan Wilson ripped to shreds the prosecutions entire case against me the room was silent; and I was free. It’s important to be safe and respectful. It’s also important to have someone like Bryan Wilson in your corner when things go wrong regardless. Arrest: DWI Results: Not Guilty, Case Expunged