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Getting You the Compensation You Deserve in Tarrant County, tx

Have you been injured because of someone else's careless driving in Fort Worth, Texas, resulting in medical bills, missed work, and other financial losses? To get fair compensation for injuries caused by car accidents, you need the legal expertise and profound knowledge of our Tarrant County car accident attorneys.

In that case, you have a right to compensation under state law. Compensation from 3rd parties or their insurance companies is not as easy to obtain as it seems. The insurer usually argues that the victim was at fault when attempting to reduce compensation.

If you've been in a minor car accident in Fort Worth, a car accident attorney can help. They'll deal with the legal aspects and help you navigate insurance and vehicle repairs so you can focus on your recovery. They'll work to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you're entitled to.

Should You Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Fort Worth, Texas?

Yes, a qualified car accident attorney in Fort Worth can provide valuable assistance. They can handle complex insurance claims, ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal procedure, and work tirelessly to assure fair compensation for your damages. Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with a car accident lawyer in Fort Worth to explore your options.

If you suffer any injury in an accident in Fort Worth, consider contacting a Fort Worth accident lawyer. They can help you navigate the legal process, fight for fair compensation for your injuries, and protect your rights.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident in Fort Worth, Texas? Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Car Accident Lawyer Today!

Is Texas a No-fault State for Car Accidents?

No, Texas is not a no-fault state for car accidents. Texas is an at-fault state, which means that the person responsible for the accident is also responsible for paying for damages. The at-fault driver will use their insurance to pay for the expenses and property damage suffered by the other party. 

A Fort Worth car accident attorney who is active and aggressive will ensure you do not suffer the same fate and that you get a fair settlement for your claim.  We are the best Fort Worth car accident attorneys in the personal injury industry at Bryan Wilson, The Texas Law Hawk.

How is Fault Determined in a Car Accident in Texas?

Fault in a car accident in Texas can be determined by a judge or jury or by an insurance adjuster. The determination is based on evidence such as: 

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Expert reports
  • Security footage from nearby businesses
  • Photographs
  • Video
  • Phone records
  • Documents
  • Crash reconstruction reports

If you have been injured in a car accident in Fort Worth, you can count on our car accident attorneys to aggressively fight your case and get you full and fair compensation. Because of this, you will not owe our Tarrant County car accident lawyers anything until we obtain compensation on your behalf.

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