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Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk on Ice: Christmas Commercial

What happens when Santa gets pulled over by Officer Butts? Does he have to consent to searching his sleigh? WILL CHRISTMAS BE RUINED?? Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk teams up with Santa Claus to answer these questions in his fifth commercial! You’ve been stopped and now the police officer wants to search your car. You may feel pressured to immediately consent, or you might refuse in anger. Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk has a few tips to keep you off the ‘naughty’ list this Holiday season AND protect your rights. If you or a loved one have been arrested call Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk. Find him on Facebook here: Or on Twitter: Subscribe to see future commercials and find the older ones here: Check out his 2016 Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial here: Learn more about your rights here: Big thanks to the people who helped with the commercial! This video wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome cast: My best friend Nic Butts (Officer Butts), Kenny- Li’L Entertainer- (the elf) and… Thank you SO MUCH to JD for inspiring me for years and playing Santa —check out his music by searching Mr. Aggravated Foe on YouTube! He can be reached for acting roles, performances, or DVDs/CDs at 817-305-6926 Camera Work & Editing by Jake Sam ( ) and Cameron Mosier ( ) Editing & Graphic Design by my amazing assistant Jessica Renae ( Sound Engineering by my AWESOME brother-in-law, Johnny Wilson (www.johnnywils