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TEXAS SWORD DAY! By Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk and Cheaper Than Dirt!

Texas law is changing September 1, 2017. There's no more texting and driving, but you can seal certain DWI convictions. Most importantly, blades longer than 5.5" are no longer "illegal knives" as you don't bring them to school grounds, bars, courthouses, and a few other places. What does that mean to me? September 1, 2017 is TEXAS SWORD DAY! Celebrate in style by getting a sword, spear, katana, machete, from Cheaper Than Dirt here: Here are some of the knives & blades featured: KA-BAR Fighting Knife: KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife: Kershaw Camp 14” Machete: CAS Hanwei Practical Shinobi: CAS Hanwei Winter Sun Katana: CAS Hanwei Celtic Sword: UST ParaCuda 11” Machete: Cold Steel Leaf Shaped Spear: Fairfield Bladerunner Bayonet: Schrade Large Kukri Machete: